F.A.Q – How to Resell my R/C

Hello guys Ryan here from rcreviewer, bringing you guys a problem which is hard to deal with.

And that problem is that how can you sell you own R/c vehicle.

It happens a lot times with a lot of R/C enthusiast that they have to sell their vehicle as something came into the market or you have to do it for a living. So here are the things that you may keep in mind,

1) Don’t let your love consume you – To sell a R/C, you have to separate your emotions from it otherwise you will never be able to sell it. For example, many professional reviewers  buy and sell R/Cs even they had a lot of fun with it.

2) Do Research – After taking the decision of selling your vehicle, take a pen and paper and search for the average cost of the vehicle on the net. Search on sites like Ebay.com , Amazon.com etc. For example – to sell a rustler xl-5, search the highest and lowest price of the product and set your price as it’s average.

3) Adding value to your product – To add some value to your product, take a lot,a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, and a lot of photos and if selling a nitro, do not forget to upload a running video of it. The more photos, more reliability therefore more price especially for nitro. Buy a new body and paint it at it’s best or ask someone to do so ; 47% of the 2nd hand buyers get soon impressed just by the bodywork. Take out any hop-up part used in the vehicle, swap it with the stock part and sell the hop up with the vehicle as an offer, this will increase the overall price of the product. Be as descriptive and honest possible.

4) Clean it – Use all the cleaners, suitable for your vehicle, to clean the vehicle. If it will be cleaner, then it will have some impression on the buyer.

5) Ship it properly – If the deal is done and you are ready to ship it , make sure to pack it properly. Cloth, bubble wrap and carton are the best materials for packaging. You may pack it in the following order – cloth, bubble wrap, foam and then cardboard. Me sure to pack the cardboard properly by sticking steel grip tape etc on the edges.

I am winding it up as I have probably covered all the points required.

See ya, goodbye.


My first nitro – Traxxas jato 3.3

Hello guys Ryan here, here off-computer, typing the blog ; bringing you guys the first impression of mine about the jato 3.3 .

I was not into nitro R/C  but jato just changed it. It has a 3.3 monster engine, aluminum exhaust, GT-R shocks probably the best shocks made by Traxxas. The reason that it did not become popular was that it was made for ON-ROAD SPEEDERS WITH EXPERIENCE. It was never made for newbies trying to buy a nitro to start of. But I think about it in  a different way, just gear it down, reduce the throttle sensitivity and it will become the best 2 wheel-drive nitro Stadium truck ever! The tires are good for on road but wont give enough traction. I recommend using a wheelie bar, which is already included.

The accessories are included which are required to start the jato i.e, the Ez start. It is just perfect, no blister on your fingers, no flooding of the engine. They even include the fuel bottle, a spare glow plug and a handful of tools.

Over all, It is a perfect, just perfect. Going to get it broken in tomorrow.

See ya guys, Goodbye.


Team Losi Racing : 22-4 Final thought.

Hello guys Ryan here, bringing you guys my final thought about the TLR 22-4.

I was not posting since long as I got busy with my exams and was eagerly waiting for a new product to come.

So, lets move on to the final thought. TLR 22-4 runs like butter on my track, extra set of rims will be helpful just in case your  first set of tires screwed up. The chasis was reliable, the big bore shocks work great but the belt may an issue.

For a serious racer, its perfect. But for bashers , losi never made a better buggy.

I am winding up hoping to get my jato as soon as possible. See ya.

R/C buggy, my first hobby R/C

Hello guys, Ryan here from rcreviewer, bringing you guys my review about the R/c buggy by www.rcbazaar.com

It was 7 months back when I got some interest in R/C cars. I searched a $40 car and bought it. After a few months, I got known to hobby R/Cs. I thought to go with branded ones, but in my country, a $250 car is sold for $500. It is just insane. Even a 3000kv motor for $170!

So I found out a site which gave me a $200 buggy in $210. It was not branded, but it had every thing to start with.

So without wasting time, lets review it. The buggy I had has white paint job with a bit akward looking pink lining strips on  it. After a few days I was comfortable with it. The wheels were not chromed and even I didn’t want it. The rubber compound is medium. It has 2650kv brushless motor. The servo is of savox and works well. They even include a 7.4 volt LiPo pack with a wall charger. It is just good. I would not like to get it on the dirt for sometime.

The other products which I buy is usually of my friend or buy and resell them.

Hope you guys liked it. Good bye.


Team Losi Racing : Driving Thoughts

Hello guys, Ryan here from rcreviewer bringing you guys the driving thoughts for my TLR 22-4.

I was not posting for some time as I was finding  new products. And I just forgot I had to drive and post abot TLR 22-4

As of the photos on the net, The electronics shown were dummy or whatever, but I used the following parts –  Castle vapor pro, Leopard Hobbies 8.5T motor, Savox all metal gear servo and 2s saddle pack. Saddle packs are now-a-days common for racing class buggies.

After charging the LiPo pack, I took it to a track and it was perfect. But I have to tell in detail, so here it is. That long chassis is so low and  it is just perfect. The spoiler at the bac was really working good. The room for motor is a bit less. I usually don’t get along with belt system, so I was feeling a bit uncomfortable. Although it had a LCG body, it will roll over if you overpower it on a turn. In the air, it feels like, like , I just cant tell. It balances itself in the air and its finesse increases. The shock oil provided with it felt a bit softer for my track.

It is a very good kit and I just love it. I will send it back to my friend, I assembled it for my friend. I liked and I hope they give us a traill truck like 22 – 4.

Team Losi Racing 22-4 : First impressions

Hello guys Ryan here from rcreviewer, bringing you guys the first impressions of TLR 22-4.

Many of you know about the TLR 22, which was a dominating racing type buggy. And here it comes, faster and stronger than ever – TLR 22-4. It is a 4wd buggy with belt system.

The chassis is aluminum anodized which is very strong. It has a 3 belt drivetrain. It has a front motor mount, which is centralized. It has Big Bore 12mm emulsion shocks. And it has many more things, but it will be very enjoyable. I don’t think that LCG chassis would be good for some good off-road bashing.

Having some good expectations from the vehicles, we will see tomorrow whether it will stand my expectations or not.

Good bye guys. Hope got some help.

Traxxas Telluride : Driving & Final Thoughts

Hello guys, Ryan here from rcreviewer, bringing you guys the driving review of Traxxas Telluride.

I posted the first impressions of the vehicles itself. And now we will see how it drives.

At first battery drive, the telluride was having different Performaces at different surfaces. At a gravel area, the car going good, I mean it was going pretty fast for terrain like that and even for a car like that . After a drive for a moment, I understood that it was not like a summit, as summit was way more better than the telluride.

On the stock NiMH, It topped out at 15 mph. You will still get the same speed even if you put a 2 cell LiPo in it. When you are going to drive it fast on off-road, it will loo and feel like a bit toy-ish.

After charging the battery again, I took it to a more rougher terrain, It was performing the best there. But the rock Crawling wasn’t good enough as summit. The stock tires were now feeling that they  were sort of worn out as the tires were loosing traction on hard soil. The steering was moderately good.

For kids around 10, this R/C IS PERFECT, seriously PERFECT. The setup is very simple everything is very good. But for adults, it is just Ok. Lets see what it can do on real rocks.

I had put on new wheels and tires on it and the performance improve like anything. But during rock crawling, it was better than before. I even put a 2 cell 5000 MAh LiPo in it but there was not much power difference.

Now on track (obviously off road), stock condition. I took it to my local racetrack and raced with it. It has a lot of body roll and the center of gravity is also high. After a few laps, I felt that the servo was a bit slow.

Final thoughts : So, final thoughts after running it and checking it out, it is a trail truck which has the potential but you need upgrades for it. It is a good truck for kids. And here ends my relation with Traxxas Telluride.

Hope you guys got some help. Good Buy.