F.A.Q – How to Resell my R/C

Hello guys Ryan here from rcreviewer, bringing you guys a problem which is hard to deal with.

And that problem is that how can you sell you own R/c vehicle.

It happens a lot times with a lot of R/C enthusiast that they have to sell their vehicle as something came into the market or you have to do it for a living. So here are the things that you may keep in mind,

1) Don’t let your love consume you – To sell a R/C, you have to separate your emotions from it otherwise you will never be able to sell it. For example, many professional reviewers  buy and sell R/Cs even they had a lot of fun with it.

2) Do Research – After taking the decision of selling your vehicle, take a pen and paper and search for the average cost of the vehicle on the net. Search on sites like Ebay.com , Amazon.com etc. For example – to sell a rustler xl-5, search the highest and lowest price of the product and set your price as it’s average.

3) Adding value to your product – To add some value to your product, take a lot,a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, and a lot of photos and if selling a nitro, do not forget to upload a running video of it. The more photos, more reliability therefore more price especially for nitro. Buy a new body and paint it at it’s best or ask someone to do so ; 47% of the 2nd hand buyers get soon impressed just by the bodywork. Take out any hop-up part used in the vehicle, swap it with the stock part and sell the hop up with the vehicle as an offer, this will increase the overall price of the product. Be as descriptive and honest possible.

4) Clean it – Use all the cleaners, suitable for your vehicle, to clean the vehicle. If it will be cleaner, then it will have some impression on the buyer.

5) Ship it properly – If the deal is done and you are ready to ship it , make sure to pack it properly. Cloth, bubble wrap and carton are the best materials for packaging. You may pack it in the following order – cloth, bubble wrap, foam and then cardboard. Me sure to pack the cardboard properly by sticking steel grip tape etc on the edges.

I am winding it up as I have probably covered all the points required.

See ya, goodbye.


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