R/C Guide : Electronics explanation

Hello guys Ryan here from rcreviewer, bringing you guys the next step of the guide.

Electronics : there are different types of electronics. They are  –

ESC : Electronic Speed Controller is a device which controls the power of batteries which is delivered to the motor and servo. They can be programed to stop reversing etc. Castle creations provide good ESCs. They even make packages which include motor and ESC both.

Motor : Motors are of two types – Brushed and Brushless. Brushed motors deliver limited amount of torque and speed. Brushless motors are deliver more torque, have more power and most importantly they last much more longer than the brushed ones. Brushless motor are measured in Kv and T. Kv is the amount which is related to the speed of the vehicle. Higher Kv motors are used by racers and bashers which want speed. T is the amount which is related to torque. The higher the turn, the more powerful will be the mototr. T motors are used mainly by rock crawler.

Servo : Servo are the units which are responsible for the turning of wheels. There are many brands, but the Savox servo works best FOR ME.

Batteries : Batteries are of two types – nickel metal hydride and LiPo. NiMH batteries are relatively more heavier than LiPo. They are measured in MAh, the greater the better. LiPo is lighter and it usually comes in a hard case. LiPo can be very dangerous as they can explode when the connectors are wrong or when the batteries are charged inadequately.

nimh and lipo respectively.

Hope you guys lied it. Good buy.


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