Traxxas Telluride : Driving & Final Thoughts

Hello guys, Ryan here from rcreviewer, bringing you guys the driving review of Traxxas Telluride.

I posted the first impressions of the vehicles itself. And now we will see how it drives.

At first battery drive, the telluride was having different Performaces at different surfaces. At a gravel area, the car going good, I mean it was going pretty fast for terrain like that and even for a car like that . After a drive for a moment, I understood that it was not like a summit, as summit was way more better than the telluride.

On the stock NiMH, It topped out at 15 mph. You will still get the same speed even if you put a 2 cell LiPo in it. When you are going to drive it fast on off-road, it will loo and feel like a bit toy-ish.

After charging the battery again, I took it to a more rougher terrain, It was performing the best there. But the rock Crawling wasn’t good enough as summit. The stock tires were now feeling that they  were sort of worn out as the tires were loosing traction on hard soil. The steering was moderately good.

For kids around 10, this R/C IS PERFECT, seriously PERFECT. The setup is very simple everything is very good. But for adults, it is just Ok. Lets see what it can do on real rocks.

I had put on new wheels and tires on it and the performance improve like anything. But during rock crawling, it was better than before. I even put a 2 cell 5000 MAh LiPo in it but there was not much power difference.

Now on track (obviously off road), stock condition. I took it to my local racetrack and raced with it. It has a lot of body roll and the center of gravity is also high. After a few laps, I felt that the servo was a bit slow.

Final thoughts : So, final thoughts after running it and checking it out, it is a trail truck which has the potential but you need upgrades for it. It is a good truck for kids. And here ends my relation with Traxxas Telluride.

Hope you guys got some help. Good Buy.





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