Traxxas Telluride : First impressions

Hello guys Ryan here from rcreviwer, bringing you guys the review of Traxxas Telluride 4 x 4.

Traxxas telluride, the traxxas summit, or is it? This can be a question after seeing it for the first time. NAH!, IT IS A STAMPEDE 4 X4. But the setup and the body is different. It sort of a trail truck. Which reasonable and costs around $ 250. It includes a 7-cell NiMH          battery pack(Fig 1). As the cost is low, they have downgraded the vehicle electronics like – The motor is a brushed one – titan 12t motor(Fig 2). It has a brushed ESC. Sadly the receiver isn’t waterproof, but they include a waterproof box for the receiver       (Fig 3). The camber links are nonadjustable but thankfully the springs are not the progressive ones  as they are so awful(Fig 4).  When we will compare it with a stampede,  you will find out that it is a bit narrower. The tires are also narrow that is because they use short course truck tires(Fig 5).

I am expecting some good rock crawling performance from the truck. Lets see if it goes good.

Fig 1

Fig 2

Fig 3

  Fig 4

Fig 5


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