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My first nitro – Traxxas jato 3.3

Hello guys Ryan here, here off-computer, typing the blog ; bringing you guys the first impression of mine about the jato 3.3 .

I was not into nitro R/C  but jato just changed it. It has a 3.3 monster engine, aluminum exhaust, GT-R shocks probably the best shocks made by Traxxas. The reason that it did not become popular was that it was made for ON-ROAD SPEEDERS WITH EXPERIENCE. It was never made for newbies trying to buy a nitro to start of. But I think about it in  a different way, just gear it down, reduce the throttle sensitivity and it will become the best 2 wheel-drive nitro Stadium truck ever! The tires are good for on road but wont give enough traction. I recommend using a wheelie bar, which is already included.

The accessories are included which are required to start the jato i.e, the Ez start. It is just perfect, no blister on your fingers, no flooding of the engine. They even include the fuel bottle, a spare glow plug and a handful of tools.

Over all, It is a perfect, just perfect. Going to get it broken in tomorrow.

See ya guys, Goodbye.