Team Losi Racing : Driving Thoughts

Hello guys, Ryan here from rcreviewer bringing you guys the driving thoughts for my TLR 22-4.

I was not posting for some time as I was finding  new products. And I just forgot I had to drive and post abot TLR 22-4

As of the photos on the net, The electronics shown were dummy or whatever, but I used the following parts –  Castle vapor pro, Leopard Hobbies 8.5T motor, Savox all metal gear servo and 2s saddle pack. Saddle packs are now-a-days common for racing class buggies.

After charging the LiPo pack, I took it to a track and it was perfect. But I have to tell in detail, so here it is. That long chassis is so low and  it is just perfect. The spoiler at the bac was really working good. The room for motor is a bit less. I usually don’t get along with belt system, so I was feeling a bit uncomfortable. Although it had a LCG body, it will roll over if you overpower it on a turn. In the air, it feels like, like , I just cant tell. It balances itself in the air and its finesse increases. The shock oil provided with it felt a bit softer for my track.

It is a very good kit and I just love it. I will send it back to my friend, I assembled it for my friend. I liked and I hope they give us a traill truck like 22 – 4.


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