R/C Guide : What are you buying ? + Brand consultancy

Hello guys, Ryan here from rcreviewer , bringing you guys the the first step of the guide.

Look what are you buying :                                                                                                      Like an average R/C newbie is usually a kid around the age of 10. He will surely go ask his parents to buy him a $200 R/C truck. His parents will ask him why on earth should they buy it ? (As a matter of fact, even my parents asked why to buy it)

Lets just think that your uncle bought you a cool looking futuristic buggy for $30 for your Christmas. you opened it and it was written “super fast electric buggy”, then it is going to be slow, you gotta need 6 or 4 AA cells and it will top out at 5kmph. On the other hand if you will buy, say a rc 4wd buggy (hobby grade) you do almost anything with it – bash at the skate park / backyard, race at the off-road racetrack, venture at the beach, take high jumps and many more things.

If your futuristic buggy will fall from a height of 2m, then there is no chance for it to  survive it, it will just get tore apart by the crash. On the other hand when your hobby buggy will crash , almost nothing will happen to it.

So what I mean is that an R/C Hobby car is ten fold better than a toy-grade R/C.

Which brand to refer :  Note – THIS IS JUST AN OPINION, Now here are some brands which all of us prefer –

1)AARMA : AARMA has been popularizing themselves alot and they are worth of it. Their cars have a same sort of chassis. The electronics are decent and work well.                               

ECX : ECX is a brand from horizon hobby. They give quality trucks with good electronics. They are very reasonable, seriously reasonable, they start at about $100 or even $85 when there is a sale. Their electronics work well.                                                                                         

HPI Racing : HPI racing is a good company, but not so famous, their most electric vehicles are derived from the nitro version. They usually update their trucks and on-road cars to meet the requirement. Its many electrics are form Castle Creations which is itself an awesome company for waterproof and normal electronics.                                                             

Traxxas : Traxxas is probably not the fastest name in R/C. Although their trucks are good enough but their all trucks are not 2.4 GHz. Their electronics are good but it is gonna take you $300 to meet a good brushless truck.

Team Losi Racing : Team Losi is a very good company usually with buggies.  Their scaled down versions are aluminium upgraded. And if you get losi buggy, then hail it, pray it and upgrade it.

Tamiya : Those good old days with tamiya cars but they are going to be old. The electrocins and chassis are sort of old. Now it is well known for their spray for the polycarbonate body.

Hope you guys enjoyed. Good bye.


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