R/C Guide : Type of vehicles + Electric R/C

Hello guys, Ryan here from rcreviewer, bringing you guys the next step(s) of the guide.

Type of vehicles : There are many types of R/C cars around the world. They can be broadly classified into –

1) On-road street car – These cars are the simplest on-road vehicles with usually soft compound tires. They are made for racing on asphalted tracks. But  they are not fast enough. An HPI sprint will be good.

2) Drift car – These other type of on-road R/Cs which have slicks on them which makes them drift. It is good to buy a 4wd Drift cars. HPI drift cars are good with aluminum upgrades .

3) Rally car – These cars are off-road cars which just like on-road with a higher wheelbase a little bit smaller wheels.Traxxas Rally and HPI WR8 are good R/C Rally cars.

       (HPI and Traxxas respectively)

4) Stadium Truck – These stadium trucks were the most popular during the period of 1990 – 2009. These are now literally getting “Killed” by S.C.T . But they are the best R/C trucks to start with.

5) Short Course Truck – Short couurse trucks are Stadium trucks with a body which covers the wheels. speaking of wheels, the wheel radius relatively smaller than stadium trucks.

6) Buggy – These buggies second third fastest on-road and slowest (while comparing other trucks)  on off-road.

Electric R/C : There are two types of fuels in which R/C cars run – electric and nitro. Now we will discuss about electric R/C.

Electric R/Cs have a system which includes –

ESC (Electronic Speed Controller), Motor (brushed or brushless), Battery and Servo with shaft/belt/gear if it is a 4wd.

We will discuss about electronics in detail in the next part.

Until then, see ya and good bye.



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